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I have been breeding Dubia roaches for over 8 years. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Every one is looking for the best "deal" these days but what is really important is the entire buying process. Price is always important but great service is a must to be a "good deal." We are the best place to buy Dubia roaches. Every customer is important and I strive for top notch customer service. Quality is very high on that list also, as we have the healthiest Dubia roaches for sale. All Dubia roaches for sale are produced in house.  There are a lot of suppliers out there that resell Dubia roaches and you never know the quality that you are getting after they have changed hands so many times.

Dubia roaches are a top feeder choice for your reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.  Check out the nutrition guide to see how much better Dubia roaches are over crickets.  Feeder roaches have several benefits over crickets such as:
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I specialize in supplying bearded dragon breeders with their Dubia roaches but I can accommodate smaller orders for pet owners as well. I sell Dubia roaches by the gram instead of by the count. This way you know exactly what you will be getting. An approximate count is included in the price section, actual count will vary depending on sizing. Some orders will contain a bit larger size and the count will be low. Other times the orders will contain a bit smaller size and the count will be high but over time there should be a balance. There will be a small percentage of nymphs outside of the listed size range. This is unavoidable with sorting methods. There will be a 10% overcount (10% more weight) on each order to compensate for a few dead or change in weight during shipping.  Dubia roaches will lose some weight in shipping and should be hydrated and fed upon arrival.
All Dubia roach orders are sent either double boxed or using vented deli cups.  The inside box will contain loose Dubia roaches so use care when opening it.  Shipping is Monday through Wednesday only to avoid packages getting held over the weekend.
Shipping carrier options include USPS and FedEx. Each carrier has several shipping options depending on how quick you need your order shipped. These can be selected in the drop down menu in the shopping cart.

All orders that ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) will not have any guarantee at all. With more and more problems occurring with their service, I can not offer any guarantees. Only use USPS at your own risk. This is effective for any order placed after 2-7-2013. The Live Arrival Guarantee is still valid when using FedEx. Please see the Terms of Service page for full details.
No Dubia roach sales to Florida
No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii

No shipping to Canada

No international shipping
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The blog will contain any news regarding changes to the business
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